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Seated Knee Scooter R270




The Seated Knee Scooter R270 is a proven, durable mobility aid that provides maximum mobility for a full range of foot, ankle, knee, and leg injuries. This scooter keeps the injured leg cradled and elevated which hastens recovery by keeping the injured area from bearing any weight without sacrificing any mobility. A perfect alternative to those who cannot use a traditional knee scooter with features such as:

  • A firm, yet soft foam calf pad that can be attached to either side accommodate and elevate the injured leg.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat height allow you to cruise in optimal comfort.
  • Dual handle-mounted lockable brakes are able to bring the R270 to a complete stop.
  • Premium thickly padded seat reduces strain and fatigue from extended use.
  • Easily folds for quick storage and transportation.
  • A free attachable wire basket is included to have hands free access to your daily necessities.


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