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All-Terrain Knee Walker R290




The All Terrain R290 Walker makes relying on upper body strength to achieve uncomfortable results with crutches a problem of the past. Tuffcare offers a comfortable crutch alternative that takes the weight off of any foot related injury with features such as:

  • Large 12” x 2.25” front casters backed by 10” x 2” rear casters allows traversal over all types of terrain.
  • Padded contoured knee platform cradles the injured leg and prevents it from bearing any weight.
  • The adjustable heights of the handlebars and knee platform offer increased comfort and control.
  • Lockable brakes are able to quickly bring the R290 to a complete stop.
  • Front end tie rod steering mechanism allows for smoother, more stable turns.
  • Tucked in rear wheels eliminate chance of colliding with them during use, increasing your safety.
  • Easily folds up to two times for ultra-compact storage despite its bulk.
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.


This knee walker is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations, ulcers, or other lower leg and foot related injuries; some tool free assembly required.
A fully folded R290 ready to be transported to wherever you need it.


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