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Century Wide Bed T5000



The Century T5000 is a fully electric bariatric home care bed that is built to be sturdy, convenient, and versatile. It features a two piece grid design that makes it a breeze to set up, relocate, and operate. A six function remote allows a user to raise or lower the beds height, the head frame, and the foot frame to reach the desired position. Easily achieve positions like the Trendelenburg and its reverse with mere presses of a button. The bed frame is made out of an aluminum alloy that’s just as strong as steel, but is 30% lighter to ease the burden of set up and relocation. Comes equipped with 6″ heavy duty locking swivel casters to allow the T5000 to quickly readjust its position and stay firmly in place when in use. Powered by premier electronic DC motors that provide quiet and smooth operation.

The T5000 has an attractive powder-coated frame topped with bed end boards with a lovely oak finish. Its precision crafted construction enables it to hold up to 1,000 lbs. Comes with a lifetime structure warranty and one-year warranty on electrical parts and other components. Available in widths of 48″, 54, and 60″.


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