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Aurora Global Solutions provides the following services:

Medical Products

We offer distribution and requisition of medical, dental, hospital equipment/supplies.

Transportation and Logistics

man working on inventory controlAurora Global Solutions’ key efforts and goals are establishing customer relationships where we can optimize long-term value. We offer the means and methods to enhance constant, better, faster, and lower cost delivery while providing both technological and functional needs in obtaining and retaining our customers.

Our teams are trained to be creative about ideas that produce results based on experience, best practices, information sharing, and implementation of solution-based models in the areas of consulting, managed services, technology, and customer service. We specialize in:

  • Military Logistics Expertise
  • Warehouse Operations and Distribution
  • AII Class of Supply Requisition
  • WMS Implementation
  • Managed Process Implementation and Monitoring
  • Transportation Services (3PL)
  • Foreign Military Sales Operations

Disaster Relief

House with a protective blue plastic tarpIn the event of natural disasters, Aurora Global Solutions is ready to extend a helping hand. We already have the resources to move medical supplies and equipment as part of our daily business and we intend to use what we have to help the affected communities. Those areas hit by calamities can truly benefit from our services at a time that they need it the most.

We also understand the critical nature and urgency of transporting relief goods or emergency supplies. Our crew can be relied on to map out the best possible route, especially after calamities or natural disasters have caused obstructions on conventional routes. The goal is to respond quickly and reduce the impact of natural disasters in people’s lives.

If you want to collaborate with Aurora Global Solutions to help with disaster relief operations, please contact us right away.